Cannes Film Festival

You're special - Not!

Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier

A downpour hit Cannes Saturday afternoon, drenching people and the pseudo red carpets placed outside various upscale boutiques. That didn’t stop people from waiting for their idols at the red carpet area. Women swooned as Johnny Depp waved to the crowd for the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 10, or some sequel like that.


As he approached the barriers with all the plebs, waiting for a look and a smile, he said a few words to one woman, who was so excited, I thought she would internally combust.

Everybody wants to feel special here. Even the clothes stores are special. Promod, a lesser French version of Zara, has special clothes here at special prices you wouldn’t find in Paris. Window shopping is a sure way to decompress after the exhausting hustle and bustle of this place. Dear reader, I’m not complaining. The movies are superb, watched in halls with superior sound and possibly the best copy.

Cannes blog 2011

And everyone wants to feel loved on Saturday night.

Out on the Croisette, the looky-loos stood outside the beachfront tents blasting Beyoncé, hoping to get a glimpse of a favourite star.

When I received an invite to a certain fete where there were possibilities for more interviews (the guilty party will not be named), I jumped at the chance. Apparently so did 500 other people who were dying to get in. Well, maybe not 500. But the few who were blocked from the entrance to the beachside soiree made enough noise for 500. Citing overcapacity to the wannabe guests with invites, no one was allowed in, including me.

But the real fun was taking place right in front. As we waited at the barrier, invites in hand, two men in suits passed through.

“I thought you said there was no more room!” bellowed one well-dressed older woman, incensed that ‘those two’ went through. The others either agreed with her, murmouring their assent in different languages. Others loudly proclaimed they were going to another party, a better party. The barrier lady wouldn’t give up, however.

Cannes Film Festival 2011

“You lied to me!” she screamed at the bouncer.

“How dare you!” he replied with a thick French accent. “I did nothing of the sort. And now you are insulting ME?”

This woman looked fit to internally combust too, but unfortunately Johnny Depp was not in front of her.

As I said, everyone is special here, even the bouncers.

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