Front National underlines anti-euro stance

100 euro notes
100 euro notes Getty Images/Tetra Images

France's National Front will continue to oppose the use of the euro in France and will make its opposition a key plank of its 2017 presidential campaign. The statement by top officials follows a meeting on Sunday to discuss the party's strategy in next year’s election.


The statement follows concerns expressed by party officals in rencent months who fear that the anti-euro stance is responsible for its failure to win notable election results despite growing popularity.

"We must restore a currency that is a tool of our economy," National Front Secretary General Nicolas Bay told iTele news.

"We have a system that is not viable, which is against our interests, we have a trade balance with a deficit of tens of billions of euros, it would obviously be in our interest to have a weaker currency," he said.

Bay said the party would not impose a sudden exit of the euro zone and that the matter would be submitted to a referendum.

In a statement the party said that the main lines of policy had been reaffirmed at the meeting, including national, economic and monetary sovereignty.


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