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French court gives green-light to 'Jungle' evacuation

The Calais 'Jungle'
The Calais 'Jungle'

A French court on Thursday gave the green light to plans to evacuate hundreds of migrants from the notorious "Jungle" camp in Calais. Activists working in the slumlike camp had asked the court to stop the evacuation of the southern half of the "Jungle," with many of the migrants wanting to stay near the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, gateway to their ultimate goal of Britain. 


The decision came as the EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos warned that the EU’s migration system will break down if the bloc doesn’t reach an agreement on how to manage it by a March 7 summit in Turkey.

Avramopoulos issued the warning at a press conference following a meeting of interior ministers in Brussels on Thursday.

He also waned of an imminent humanitarian crisis in Greece, the main arrival point for migrants in Europe, or on the western Balkans route most take to richer northern European countries.

The EU-Turkey summit promises to be crucial, both for the deal that Brussels and Ankara signed in November to cut migrant flows, and for the unity of the European Union on coping with the biggest such crisis in its history.

Avramopoulos urged EU states to work together and avoid "unilateral actions", such as the border controls that several countries have reintroduced as well as caps on asylum seeker numbers brought in by Austria which have left thousands of refugees stranded between member states.


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