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Miss Universe France takes a spill on runway during swimsuit competition

Miss France 2018 Maeva Coucke (L) is crowned by Miss France 2017 Alicia Aylies after winning the pageant in Chateauroux, central France, on December 16, 2017.
Miss France 2018 Maeva Coucke (L) is crowned by Miss France 2017 Alicia Aylies after winning the pageant in Chateauroux, central France, on December 16, 2017. AFP

Maeva Coucke, Miss France 2018, was one of several contestants who slipped and fell on the runway during the swimsuit competition of Miss Universe, ahead of the final gala evening on Sunday in the US city of Atlanta.


Coucke was participating in the preliminary swimsuit competition on Friday evening when one of her worst nightmares came true.

The 25-year-old, originally from the Pas-de-Calais region in the north of France, slipped on her side as she paraded at the front of the runway in her bikini and flowing blue cape.

She got quickly to her feet and smiled at the judges, signalling that she was unhurt.

Miss France 2018 even took it in her stride, posting a video with her fans on her Instagram account.

"This has never happened to me so far," she wrote, "but life sometimes gives us good and bad surprises... the main thing is to move forward regardless of obstacles...and keep your head high!"

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PRELIMINARY SHOW - Hier soir j’ai vécu la pire hantise d’une Miss : tomber sur scène. Jusqu’ici ça ne m’était jamais arrivé, mais la vie nous réserve parfois des bonnes comme des mauvaises surprises. Il faut tirer une leçon de chaque expérience, et la leçon que j’en tire est que tomber et se relever est le principe même de la vie d’une femme, le principal c’est d’avancer peu importe les obstacles. Si tu tombes 9 fois relèves toi 10 fois et garde la tête haute ! Nos expériences nous font grandir, mûrir et nous rendent plus forte. 💪🏼 Je tiens à vous remercier pour vos messages et à vous rassurer je ne me suis pas blessée. Merci pour votre soutien, je vous aime ❤️❤️❤️ PRELIMINARY SHOW - Last night I experienced the worst obsession of a Miss: falling on stage. So far it has never happened to me, but life sometimes gives us good as bad surprises. A lesson must be learned from each experience, and the lesson I draw from it is that falling and standing up is the very essence of a woman's life, the main thing is to move forward regardless of obstacles. If you fall 9 times raise 10 times and keep your head high! Our experiences make us grow, mature and make us stronger. 💪 I want to thank you for your messages and to reassure you I did not hurt myself. Thank you for your support, you are the best ❤ #missuniverse #missuniverse2019 #missfrance #staystrong #keepyourheadup #thankyou #proud

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She pointed out that the runway was very slippery, and indeed other candidates such as Miss Malaysia, Miss Malta and Miss Indonesia also slipped.Coucke competed in a similar contest, Miss World, last year and came 12th.

Ninety women from across the globe have been in Atlanta since Thanksgiving preparing for the annual Miss Universe pageant.

The preliminary swimsuit and evening gown scores, along with scores from a private interview with a panel of judges, determine who will continue competing Sunday.

The final is broadcast live from the Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, Georgia at 7pm local time.

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