South Yemen uprising starts Saturday, says separatist

Yemeni soldiers on the border of the northern province of Saada
Yemeni soldiers on the border of the northern province of Saada AFP / STR

An uprising to regain independence for South Yemen will start on Saturday, a separatist leader said today.


"Beginning on 20 February ... we launch the next phase - demonstrations and protests and civil disobedience and an uprising of stones," Fadhli told the AFP news agency.
The Southern Movement, of which he is one of the main leaders, demands "disengagement (from Sanaa), and indepenence," he said.
But, although the movement is armed, he says that the revolt will not be an armed insurgency.
“We reject violence,” Fadhli said, adding that other southern groups who advocate armed struggle “will hurt our cause”.
Fadhli is a former ally of President Ali Abdul Saleh, who has ruled the country since the socialist south joined up with the north in 1990.
Now the government accuses his movement of being linked with Al-Qaeda but he denies the charge.
The US and Britain pledged support for Yemeni unity at a meeting in London last month after putting pressure on Sanaa to root out Al-Qaeda camps on its soil.
That followed the failed Christmas Day plane attack on the US. The would-be bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, said that he had been trained by Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

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