Afghan election fuels further complaints

Photo: Reuters

Afghanistan's electoral watchdog said Wednesday they have now received some 2,500 written complaints of fraud and irregularities following Saturday's parliamentary elections.


They said hundreds more complaints have been received over the telephone and more are expected. 

The Electoral Complaints Commission
said it will investigate the fraud allegations before results are announced in late October.

Officials said 4.3 million Afghans braved insurgent threats and attacks to cast their ballots, which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said showed "courage and determination".

On Saturday more than 400 violent incidents were recorded, most blamed on Taliban-led militants who were opposed to the poll.

Thousands of fake voter registration cards were seized days ahead of the election
There are also concerns that supposedly indelible ink - to ensure that no one votes more than once - may have washed off.

Last year's presidential poll - won by President Hamid Karzai - was also marred as more than a million ballots were found to be fraudulent.

Afghans can register complaints about any part of the electoral process within three days of an alleged irregularity, and many more are expected over problems with the post-election process, such as vote-counting.


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