Easter Sunday church attack injures four in Baghdad


A bomb attack near a church in central Baghdad on Sunday wounded four people, according to medical and security officials. The bomb exploded near the entrance of the Sacred Heart church and injured two civilians and two policemen.


The church, in the Karrada district, was empty at the time. Easter Sunday services had been held earlier in the day.

Shards of glass were scattered across the road in front of the church. The street was briefly closed off as investigators analysed the scene for clues. Two vehicles were badly damaged by the blast.


The attack is the latest assault on Iraq’s Christian community. In October last year 53 Christians were killed in an attack on the Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad.

“The number of Christians in 2003 was more than one million, but now the number is less than half a million,” William Warda, from the secular Hammurabi Human Rights Organisation, told RFI.

“After what happened - the massacre at the Sayidat al-Nejat church at the end of October - emigration has continued. People are still afraid and scared of these kind of attacks,” he added.

A total of 247 people were killed in violence in Iraq in March, according to official figures.

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