Six more dead in Syrian city of Daraa


At least six people were shot dead by troops and snipers in the flashpoint southern Syrian town of Daraa on Saturday. The deaths came as the country prepared to bury scores of people from Friday's 'day of rage'. International pressure against President Bashar al-Assad has been stepped up with the announcement the United States and the European Union are to impose sanctions on Damascus. 


Saturday's deaths occured after the army began a dawn shelling of the city which has been besieged by the military since Monday. Snipers are reported to have opened fire on anyone venturing onto the streets. The situation in the city has worsened with cuts in power and water and shortages of food and medicine.

Activists said the security forces opened fire on thousands of people on Friday as they tried to bring aid and food to the city.

As the violence continues, Washington blocked the assets of the president's brother, Majer, who is the commander of Syria's feared Fourth Armoured Division and of several other top officials and its intelligence services.

In Brussels, EU ambassadors began preparations for an embargo on the sale of weapons and equipment that might be used for internal repression. The bloc said it would "urgently consider further appropriate and targeted measures".

Demonstrations are due to take place on Sunday in Daraa

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