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Syria - Arab League

Arab League agrees sanctions against Syrian regime

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The Arab League has agreed a string of sanctions against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at a meeting in Cairo as the government crackdown against dissent shows no sign of abating. 


The League’s 22 members voted to ban prominent Syrian regime officials from travelling to Arab countries and to freeze their accounts in Arab countries.

The bloc’s members will also stop dealing with the Syrian Central Bank and suspend economic trade with the government except for foodstuffs. Damascus depends on its Arab neighbours for half of its exports and a quarter of its imports.

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Arab central banks will also be asked to monitor transfers to Syria except money from Syrians abroad to their families.

Not all the League’s members were in favour of the sanctions. Iraq voted against while Lebanon refused to be associated with the vote.

Syria has condemned the move by the Arab League to suspend it from the pan-Arab body and to level sanctions against the regime.

Meanwhile, violence continued in Syria on Sunday with security forces killing at least eight people in the flashpoint central region of Homs. The United Nations estimates 3,500 people have died in the unrest so far.


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