Report: Israel - Palestinian territories

Israeli human rights group condemns IDF tactics on West Bank

Reuters/Abed Omar Qusini

The Israeli human rights organisation B’TSelem published a report yesterday, condemning what it says is poor application of “crowd control” tactics on the West Bank.


The report targets the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), saying that it routinely fails to adhere to the so-called “rules of engagement”, and that rule-breaking often goes unpunished. In response, the IDF branded the report as “biased”.


The report details the ways in which weapons intended for non-lethal use, such as rubber-coated bullets and tear gas, are routinely employed in a manner that could be lethal, such as aiming tear gas directly at demonstrators.

It also states that lethal weapons like 0.22 calibre bullets have been used to control crowds.

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The report demands tighter controls on the weapons employed, including prohibiting the use of live ammunition, and prosecution of any officer not adhering to guidelines.

It comes as Israel faces criticism from the UK government regarding the use of live fire in the West Bank.

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