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Israel's military closes Gaza war rights abuse probe

Ruth Michaelson/Transterra Media

The Israeli military's Military Advocate General has closed its probe into 65 allegations of misconduct during the November Gaza war. Palestinian human rights groups have condemned the inquiry as a “smokescreen” to hide abuse.


Dossier: Gaza 2009

The eight-day escalation in hostilities between Gaza’s de-facto Hamas government and Israel in November 2012 led to the deaths of six Israelis and 158 Palestinians. On both sides the majority of the deaths were civilian.

In a report concerning the military probe the Israeli army said it had reviewed over 65 cases and found no basis for further criminal investigation.

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Of particular concern to Palestinians was the airstrike on the Al-Dalou family home, which killed 12 members of the same family including five children, in an attack aimed at a Hamas police officer whom Israel has described as a “senior terror operative”.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, based in Gaza, condemned the decision, arguing that the system is designed to “provide an illusion of investigative rigour”.

A further 15 incidents from the November war are still under investigation by the Israeli military.

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