Israeli student killed in Palestinian attack buried

Jerusalem (AFP) –


Thousands of Israelis participated Thursday in the Jerusalem funeral of a young man who died days after being critically wounded in a drive-by shooting in the northern West Bank.

Yehuda Guetta, 19, was shot on Sunday as he was standing at a bus station at the Tapuah junction south of Nablus.

He was on his way to the nearby settlement Itamar, where he studied at a yeshiva, or religious seminary.

Two friends standing at the station with him were also wounded, one of them seriously.

Guetta died late Wednesday, shortly before Israeli security forces announced they had arrested Montasser Shalabi, 44, in the village of Silwad near Ramallah, on suspicion of carrying out the attack.

Palestinian sources said Shalabi is a dual US national.

Israel's Shin Bet internal security agency saying he was not known to belong to any Palestinian militant group.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent the Guetta family his "deep condolences," praising security forces for their "swift and determined work that brought to the capture of the despicable terrorist".

"Israel's long arm will reach anyone who harms our citizens," he said on his Facebook page.