NHL shortens Covid quarantine period

New York (AFP) – The NHL said Wednesday they had modified their Covid-19 quarantine rules, allowing vaccinated players who test positive to return to action in as little as five days.


The league and the players union agreed to the change, which comes in the wake of revised recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States and is similar to changes made by both the NFL and NBA.

In the NHL, the reduced isolation period for players or staff who test positive applies to the fully vaccinated.

An individual who has a fever must continue to isolate until the fever resolves.

Otherwise those who test positive can return to practice and games after a negative test or a test showing a specific viral load, provided team medical personnel sign off on the decision and local health regulations permit.

"While the changes apply on a league-wide basis, all personnel will still have to comply with the applicable health and safety regulations in their jurisdictions, including the Federal and Provincial COVID health and safety mandates in Canada, which may be more restrictive than the Protocol," the NHL said in a statement.

The NHL returned to action on Tuesday after an extended holiday break, which started early because multiple teams were idled due to players testing positive for the virus.

The league has postponed 70 games so far this season, and this month opted out of participation in the February Beijing Olympics so that the games can be rescheduled during what would have been an Olympic hiatus.