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Africa Calling Ep1: Violent clashes in Guinea and Nigeria, Sudan analysis

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Africa Calling
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Africa Calling is a weekly podcast taking a more in-depth look at current events in Africa, as covered by our correspondents on the continent. You’ll hear news, features, and analysis as well as perspectives from RFI’s Hausa service in Lagos and Kiswahili team in Nairobi. Regular updates from Francophone and Lusophone Africa, with specialised coverage from journalists dedicated to West and Central Africa.


Violent clashes broke out in Conakry this week just days after the presidential election in Guinea. At least nine people have died since Monday, not including people injured and buildings damaged as hundreds of youths clashed with police. Opposition presidential candidate, Cellou Dalein Diallo, of United Democratic Forces of Guinea party self-declared victory earlier this week, a move the government says incited violence. We look at coverage from RFI’s French Africa service from correspondent Carol Valade @CarolValade in Conakry and speak to an opposition leader, who disputes the election results with their own tally. (listen at 2:07)

Every week we’ll be hearing from our correspondents in the field. Many Nigerians are on a government-imposed lockdown after anti-police protests turned deadly this week. And some youths were astounded when President Muhammadu Buhari addressed Nigerians this week without mentioning those who lost their lives. Lagos correspondent Samuel Okocha @samokocha has more. (listen at 4:57)

RFI is available in 15 languages, four of them African. We’ll be speaking with the Nairobi-based Kiswahili service or the Lagos-based Hausa service every week to find out what’s important to their listeners. RFI Kiswahili’s Emmanuel Makundi @emmamakundi has more on the upcoming Tanzanian elections. (listen at 9:07)

We’ll be taking an in-depth look at issues on the continent with political analysts. This week, we look at the possibility that Sudan will be taken off the US government’s terror list, and the price the Sudanese people have paid—monetarily and otherwise—in order to make this happen. Lecturer of international affairs at the National University in  Sudan Yasir Zaidan @yasirzaidan91 has more. (listen 15:06)

Our correspondents find the stories that you want to know more about. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has gripped the world, some governments are deciding that children need to go back to school. Correspondent Sally Jeng @logsally reports from The Gambia on the return to school this month that is worrying a lot of parents. (listen 20:42)

And on a lighter note, we sign off with Las Maravillas de Mali, a Bamako-based band from the 1960s who went to Cuba and developed a new Afro-Cuban sound. The band made a special appearance at RFI—check out their performance of ‘Rendez-vous chez Fatimata’ at RFI Musique. There’s a new documentary, “Africa Mia” that sheds light on their special story.

This episode was mixed by Hadrien Touraud.

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