Myanmar’s de facto military dictator

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This week on The Sound Kitchen you’ll hear the answer to the question about the coup in Myanmar. We’ll celebrate International Women’s day with essays from listeners Adita Prithika and Srinivas Rao Nomula, there’s some great music for your listening pleasure, and Ollia is back with her Happy Moment. All that, and the new quiz question too! Just click on the “Audio” arrow above and enjoy!


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This week’s quiz: On 6 February, I asked you a question about Myanmar. On 1 February, as the new Parliament was about to be seated, the country’s military announced that it was taking over the government. The military alleged fraud during last November’s elections and cited the country’s constitution, which gives it the power to declare a state of emergency for a year. It arrested Aung San Suu Kyi — formally the state counselor, but really the country’s de facto leader — as well as other senior officials and a handful of prominent political and social figures. The already-powerful military Commander in Chief is now, essentially, a dictator.

My question to you was: what is the name of Myanmar’s military Commander in Chief?

The answer is: Min Aung Hlaing - “Senior General” is his title. There are daily demonstrations against the coup, and now the military is firing live ammunition at the protestors – as well as deploying its considerable very modern surveillance technology, quietly built up since 2016, at the beginning of civilian-military rule. Ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been charged with illegally importing walkie-talkie radios, violating a natural disaster law by breaching coronavirus protocols, publishing information that may "cause fear or alarm", and breaking a telecommunications law stipulating licenses for equipment. She is currently under house arrest; if convicted, she faces two years in prison.  Her next hearing will be on 15 March.

The winners are: Mrs Asifa Riaz, who’s a member of the RFI Listeners Club in Sheikhupura City, Pakistan, and Jobayada Aktar Jai, who’s a member of the Nilshagor RFI Fan Club in Nilphamari, Bangladesh.

There are three RFI Listeners Club members on the list of lucky winners this week: Richard Wasajja from Masaka, Uganda; Jannatul Ferdoush Lameya from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and faithful listener and postcards-for-students contributor (teachers, write me and let me know if you want some for your students!) Ralf Urbanczyk from Eisleben, Germany.

Congratulations winners!

Here’s the music you heard on this week’s program: “1914” by E.T. Mensah, performed by E.T. Mensah and The Tempos; Traditional music for the Myanmar harp; The Flight of the Bumblebee” by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov; the fugue from the Sonata No 2, BWV 1003 by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed on the guitar by Tatyana Ryzhkova; “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” from the Irving Berlin musical Annie Get Your Gun, sung by Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat; Happy” by Pharrell Williams, and “Dance Hall Music” by Neville Livingston, sung by Bunny Wailer, who also plays percussion.

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