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Yorkshire bids to host Tour de France

The Tour de France could start in Yorkshire In 2016, if tourism bosses in the British county get their way. “Advanced discussions” have been held about bringing the world-famous cycle race to the north of England, according to the Yorkshire Post newspaper.

Enrico Giacani/Open access

The grand départ, the race’s first two days, are held outside France once every two years. The first grand depart outside France was from Amsterdam in 1954. The 2007 race started in London.

Tour de France 2008

A top team from Yorkshire has visited the tour organisers’ Paris offices to present their bid.

It would mean starting in the city of Leeds and pass through hilly terrain in the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, which, although they may not rival France’s Alps and Pyrenees mountain ranges, are among England’s highest hills.

The would-be hosts hope that the tour will generate tens of millions of pounds in hotel bookings and other hospitality for teams, staff, cycling fans and reporters and bring the area to the attention of about two billion television viewers.

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