Thierry Henry touted for Bordeaux coaching role

Thierry Henry in his role as Belgium assistant coach at tthe World Cup
Thierry Henry in his role as Belgium assistant coach at tthe World Cup REUTERS/Sergio Perez/File Photo

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has agreed to become the new coach of Bordeaux, French media are reporting, after months on the lookout for a managerial position.


The French papers are calling their relationship love at first sight because, after months of courting, the ex-France forward is said to have agreed to coach the Ligue 1 side.

"Thierry says I do," reads one headline.

Henry has made no secret about his desire to coach and did just that during the World Cup in Russia where he helped Belgium secure third place.

A transfer to Bordeaux would boost the ex-France forward's credentials, reckons sports consultant Vincent Chaudel.

"Bordeaux is a first class club on the French market," he told RFI.

"They have a worldwide reputation in winning European Cups during the 80s and a great stadium and training centre. So there are many things that are interesting for Thierry Henry," he said.

Poyet suspended

It's also good news for Bordeaux.

They're currently between two managers after suspending Gus Poyet for his criticism of a transfer that had been made without his knowledge.

The side replaced him with Eric Bedouet, who oversaw Sunday's league clash with Toulouse, where Bordeaux suffered a 2-1 defeat.

"Girondin Bordeaux is quite in a hurry because they have to find a coach," comments Chaudel, as the summer transfer window ends in two weeks.

"They have the European Cup competition to be qualified for and they still have to attract talented players."

Henry in a hurry

Bringing in one of France's best players could give them the appeal they need to attract other big names, reckons Chaudel.

"It's a win-win situation for all," he says.

"Thierry Henry is also in a hurry. He broke his deal with Sky TV to be a coach. Nowadays there's no position in Great Britain. Girondin Bordeaux is a great opportunity for him. Everybody needs a good deal, the club, the players and the coach."

Coming back to play for a French team would also calm some of the criticism of Henry, who was seen as a traitor for coaching Belgium during the World Cup.

It's precisely to Belgium where Bordeaux heads on Thursday to take on La Gantoise in the Europa League play-offs. For now without Henry, who may be relieved to not find himself in another compromosing position.

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