Kenyan ex-minister given hefty sentence for Olympics graft

Nairobi (AFP) –


A Kenyan court on Thursday sentenced former sports minister Hassan Wario to a six-year jail term or pay a hefty fine after being convicted of embezzlement at the Rio Olympics.

Wario was one of six Kenyan officials charged with abuse of office and the misappropriation of 55 million shillings ($545,000) during the Rio Games in 2016.

He was ordered to serve his jail term or pay a fine of 3.6 million shillings ($33,000).

Stephen arap Soi, a former Kenyan Olympic Committee official who served as team leader in Rio and was found guilty of the same offences, was given a prison sentence of at least 10 years or pay a fine of 105 million shillings ($954,000).

The charges covered allegations of embezzlement, the purchase of unauthorised air tickets, overpayment of allowances and expenditure on unauthorised persons.

Both men, who were taken into custody after the sentencing hearing, have been given 14 days to appeal.

The four other officials were acquitted of all charges.