Seahawks quarterback seeing specialist about finger injury

Los Angeles (AFP) –


Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson traveled to Los Angeles on Friday to see a specialist about the finger injury he suffered in a 26-17 NFL loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said.

Carroll told reporters at his morning press conference that it remained unclear how long Wilson might be sidelined by the injury to his throwing hand, which forced him out of Thursday night's game in the third quarter.

Carroll was peppered with questions about the status of his star quarterback, who has never missed a start in his NFL career. Thursday marked Wilson's 149th straight start since the beginning of his rookie season in 2012.

Carroll said X-rays were taken on Wilson's middle finger after Seattle’s 26-17 loss to the Rams but added "they are going to do all of that again today" to make a proper determination.

"I'm going to really try to not talk about the details of it, because I don't know," Carroll said. "I mean, I heard a lot of stuff, but I'm passing information along improperly if I do, so just let's just wait and we'll know a lot more by the end of the day.

"But there's something going on," Carroll added. "There's definitely something going on, and we've got to figure out what the extent of it is and what is the next step to deal with."

Carroll said Wilson had undergone X-rays on Thursday night after he was hurt on a long throw to Tyler Lockett when he jammed his hand on Rams defender Aaron Donald.

Wilson held up his hand to show teammates he couldn't move his finger, and after having it taped on the sideline he returned to throw just one more pass before leaving the game for good.

Carroll said that Wilson realized after taking four snaps -- and throwing several practice passes on the sideline -- that he couldn't throw as he needed.

"Nobody should question his toughness," Carroll said. "Nobody should question his resolve. "You can deal with all kinds of stuff in your hands and you can still throw the football, and he tried last night and did not have the power and the control of the ball."