UK children's march calls for green policy on royal land

London (AFP) –


A children's march to Buckingham Palace in central London on Saturday called for Britain's Queen Elizabeth to back a new environmental approach on her estates and promote biodiversity across the country.

Scores of children and their parents joined the march across nearby Green Park to the queen's official residence to deliver a petition with more than 100,000 signatures asking royals to "rewild" their land.

The throngs of children and adults, many of them wearing flowers in their hair, carried colourful banners and placards that urged the royal family to "rewild crown land".

The marchers outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday
The marchers outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday Adrian DENNIS AFP

The petition asks the family to return hundreds of thousands of hectares of land it owns to its natural state, encouraging the return of native species before the UN's COP26 climate summit hosted by Britain in October.

Campaigners calculate the royals own land equivalent to 1.4 percent of the UK, much of which they say could be used to encourage nature.

TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham, who led the march, said the demonstrators wanted to see the royals make the change on the "800,000 acres of land that they have in the UK," calling the march "the most harmonious, beautiful and peaceful demonstration".