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Rio-Paris crash relatives want justice as photos released

Reuters/JC Imagem/Alexandre Severo

Investigators released photos Monday of wreckage of an Air France passenger plane that crashed during a Rio de Janeiro to Paris flight in June 2009. Victims’ relatives told RFI they expect that evidence that Air France was negligent will come to light.


Work on bringing the wreckage to the surface should start "within three weeks to a month", French Transport Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said when the photos were made public.

Investigators hope to find the black box data recorders to explain what caused the crash.

“The hope is to find the black boxes and to be able to read and understand what they recorded,” said Jean-Paul Troadec, the head of France's investigation bureau. “We’re launching a new expedition now to find and bring up pieces of the plane that will be useful to the investigation. This will take a few weeks.”

Kosciusco-Morizet said Monday that

Faria Marinho, president of the Brazilian victims’ association, says he is happy some bodies will be identified, and he hopes the findings will clarify what happened:

“We are looking for the truth, and this will allow us to understand what happened,” he told RFI. “I think that the recovery of the wreckage of the plane will confirm what we already know - that there was real negligence by Air France, and that the flight had problems. We’ve come to the conclusion that there was a failure.”

The crash has been partly blamed on malfunctioning speed sensors used by Airbus

A judge has opened an investigation into Air France and Airbus for alleged manslaughter in connection with the crash. The two companies are paying for the search, at a cost of about 12.7 million euros.

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