Saint Tropez police find Russian tourists' lost pet lynx

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Police in the south of France have found a lynx that had escaped from its Russian owners while they visited a ski resort near the swish Mediterranean resort of Saint Tropez. They would like to know how the animal managed to get into the country.


Saint Tropez police recovered the cat – a serval, which is a member of the lynx family – on Saturday evening, 35 hours after it disappeared from the luxury villa that its owners have rented in the Gassin ski resort.

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Aged one year and weighing 18 kilogrammes, the animal, a carnivore, was considered potentially dangerous, especially if it had spent a few days in the wild.

The local paper issued an appeal to readers to report any sightings.

The serval was found near the villa.

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Police on Saturday were reported to be questioning its owners as to how they brought it into the region.

Owners need an entry/exit certificate to bring an animal that is not classified as domestic into the country.

Former film star and current animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot offered a reward to anyone finding her cat when it went missing in the area in April.

It was found about three weeks later.

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