Google launches virtual visit of Eiffel Tower

Wikimedia Commons

Six million people may have visited the Eiffel Tower last year but this year you don’t have to come to Paris to see the tower and the view from its summit, thanks to Google. The internet giant has launched a service that allows virtual visitors to explore France’s best-loved landmark and see the French capital laid out at their feet.


The 360°-view of Paris, maps, engravings, archives and photos are available at the Google Cultural Institute, a website aimed at cultural preservation that also features other exhibitions.

Internet users are invited to discover details of the birth of the world-famous 19th-century engineering marvel through three interactive exhibitions featuring 50 HD images and a rare recording of designer Gustave Eiffel's voice.

Wikimedia Commons/PNC net

The company that runs the tower is the first manager of a French monument to sign this type of contract with the Google Cultural Institute.

“That’s what interested us because the Institute is also exhibiting the historical side of the

Interactive map of France

Eiffel Tower online,” Jean-Bernard Breau, the president of the Société d'exploitation de la Dame de fer, told RFI. 

“The tower has to be modern. It was modern when it was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1889. The tower should also be universal. Besides, it’s also something great we offer to Eiffel Tower fans from all over the world. It’s added value for our guests.”

European Google StreetView representative Pascale Malite spent six hours filming the tower from a 60-kilogramme trolley.

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