Storms to return to France after night of hail, rain, thunder, lightning

Lightning over Paris on Sunday night
Lightning over Paris on Sunday night Tony Cross
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Storms that caused havoc in the Paris region and much of France overnight were expected to return on Monday afternoon with hail, thunder and lightning forecast. Emergency services received hundreds of calls on Sunday night as hailstorms the size of golf balls fell near the French capital.


After a period of calm on Monday morning new storms were expected to hit 27 departments – from the south-west to the Belgian frontier - in the afternoon, forecasters said, keeping their

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orange emergency rating live and predicting winds of over 100km per hour, rain, lightning and hail.

Electric storms lit up the sky over Paris on Sunday evening and later in the night and violent downpour drenched the city at 7.30am.

Emergency services received 1,500 calls in the Val d’Oise area north of Paris and 448 in the Yvelines east of the capital, as tiles flow off roofs, streets and cellars were flooded and hailstones, some the size of golfballs broke cars’ windscreens.

Other regions that were affected included the north-east, Normandy, Dordgne and the Gironde around Bordeaux.

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