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Frenchman thrown off Miami-Paris flight and charged in reclined seat row

American Airlines planes at Dallas airport
American Airlines planes at Dallas airport Reuters/Stone

A French man has been thrown off a plane and charged with interfering with a flight crew after a violent outburst over a reclined seat on a flight from Miami to Paris. The incident is the second such mid-air brawl in the US in the week.


American Airlines flight 62 was diverted to Boston when 61-year-old Edmond Alexandre became upset when the woman in front of him reclined her seat on the Miami-Paris flight on Wednesday evening.

Alexandre, who is French, began arguing with the woman in front of him and only became more disruptive when a flight attendant attempted to calm him down, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said.

Authorities say that he followed the crew member down the aisle and grabbed his arm, leading undercover air marshals to identify themselves, subdue Alexandre and handcuff him.

The flight was then diverted to Boston's Logan International Airport and Massachusetts state police arrested Alexandre upon arrival at 10.00pm.

Alexandre, a father of five who was flying home to Paris after visiting family in Haiti, was taken to hospital to be treated for diabetes and high blood pressure.

He was arraigned at the hospital on Thursday and could face up to six months in prison, a 500-dollar fine or both.

His release from custody was approved on his own recognisance until a later hearing in December.

This is the second time this week a brawl over a reclined seat has led to an American airline diverting a flight.

United Airlines flight 1462 from Newark to Denver was diverted to Chicago on Sunday after a passenger used a knee defender – a device to stop seats being reclined that airlines have banned because of the friction its use causes between passengers.

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