More storms, floods forecast for southern France

Flooded streets of Montpellier,  29 September 2014.
Flooded streets of Montpellier, 29 September 2014. AFP/ SYLVAIN THOMAS

More heavy rain is expected in southern France over the weekend, with warnings that floods could again hit the Hérault, where the city of Montpellier was badly hit last month, as wells as the Ardèche, Drôme and Gard regions.


There were heavy storms in the two regions of Gard and Hérault on Friday morning and they were expected to hit the Drôme and Ardèche later in the day with hail feared.

The storms should ease off on Saturday morning but heavy rain was forecast to return on Saturday night.

The Hérault region and its main city, Montpellier, have been placed on orange alert because of the risk of flooding by the river Lez.

Six people have died and 4,000 forced out of their homes by storms that have hit southern France since September. 

Montpellier has suffered the most from the flooding. 

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