French cinemas cancel American horror film after violence at screenings

Some French cinemas have cancelled screenings of the American horror film "Annabelle" after violence broke out at some seances.


French cinemas in Marseille, Montpellier, Strasbourg and Paris have cancelled showings of the new American horror film "Annabelle" which has led to scenes of violence in French cinemas. 

As well as fights in the audience and screaming, a "bunch of boisterous 14-year-old youngsters came in, they  insulted each other, spat on each other while others urinated on seats. It was like being in a zoo", said a manager of a cinema in Montpellier. 

There were scenes of general chaos in other major French cities forcing cinema managers to call the police to evacuate cinema premises.

The managers of cinemas in several major cities have stopped showings of Annabelle until further notice for security reasons.

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However the Warner film should be back soon but with identity checks at cinema entrances and a security guard inside the cinema.

Annabelle is a prequel to the film "The Conjuring" and it tells the tale of the murderous puppet Annabelle terrorising an unsuspecting family.

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