Widow arrested over alleged murder of Japan's 'Don Juan'

Tokyo (AFP) –


The young widow of an aging Japanese real estate mogul was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murdering the self-described "Don Juan" just months into their marriage, local media said, citing police sources.

Kosuke Nozaki, who boasted in his autobiography of spending millions of dollars on young, beautiful women, died in 2018 of acute poisoning aged 77.

His widow Saki Sudo, now 25, is suspected of killing Nozaki by making him take a large amount of a stimulant drug orally, as there were no needle marks on his body, the reports said.

Local police declined to confirm the arrest when contacted by AFP.

In one of his books Nozaki, president of a liquor sales company and real estate business in western Japan, wrote that he spent three billion yen ($27.5 million) on wooing 4,000 beautiful women.

"The reason I make money is to date attractive women," he wrote, according to public broadcaster NHK.

His best-selling autobiography was titled "Don Juan of Kishu", referring to the region where he lived.

Nozaki left a will saying he wanted to donate 1.3 billion yen to a city he had lived in.

But because half of his fortune goes to his widow under civil law, the city in Wakayama prefecture had been in talks with Sudo about splitting the money, the Sankei Shimbun reported.