Hamilton to celebrate with minestrone soup and glass of wine

Istanbul (AFP) –


Lewis Hamilton says he will celebrate making Formula One history on Sunday with a bowl of soup and glass of wine in front of his television.

The newly-crowned seven-time drivers’ world champion may be Britain's richest sportsperson with a net worth reported by The Sunday Times of 224 million pounds ($296 million).

Yet after winning the Turkish Grand Prix he said he had become used to the strict coronavirus protocols that required him to adopt a quiet, no-frills lifestyle.

"This year, I haven't gone out and I haven't gone to dinner," he said. "I have just been staying in my bubble.

"I get room service every day and it’s not really anything exciting and that's naturally because I've got a championship to fight for.

"So, I didn't want to take any risks. I think, this year, I sacrificed more than I have in my whole life.

"And, you know, it's really made it quite difficult. I'm going to go home tonight and most likely it is not going to be the most exciting thing.

“I'm probably just going to maybe watch the race and I usually have like a minestrone soup, but I'll definitely have a bottle of wine."