How to install Khmer Unicode

We use unicode fonts for our website. To be able to read, you will need to install Khmer Unicode. Please read the below instructions for how to install Khmer Unicode.


Khmer Unicode Setup Instructions:

1. Download KhmerUnicode2.0.0 (click to download)
2. Chose where to save the file so that you can find it later
3. Installation:

Double click on this KhmerUnicode2.0.0.exe icon

The setup wizard appears. Click "Next" as indicating by the arrow

Again, click "Next" as indecating by the arrow

Wait for the installation to finish. It may take a few minutes to wait...

Click "Finish"

At the bottom-right corner of your computer screen, you should see this image that allow you to select either CA: Catalan or EN:English (United States) for Writing (Typing). For writing in Khmer, you need to select CA:Catalan.

Now you can read our website!


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