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Africa Calling Ep 2: Election woes in Tanzania, Zimbabwe gold smuggling, Mozambique attacks

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Africa Calling podcast takes a look at current events on the African continent for the week of October 26. Tanzanians went to vote this week as opposition parties accuse security forces of killing their members, while a woman with ties to the Zimbabwe government is arrested for gold smuggling. Our correspondent in Ghana investigates a separatist movement, while our Somali journalist reports that football matches take place once again in Mogadishu, the capital.


Attacks in northern Mozambique have taken a toll on the local population-- according to a new report out by US-based advocacy group the Center for Public Integrity, internally displaced Mozambicans have risen to 2,700 percent in just two year. RFI's Lusophone service deputy editor Liliana Henriques speaks about the human toll this crisis has taken on the population.

In Zimbabwe, a relative of President Emmerson Mnangagwa was arrested this week, charged with gold smuggling-- a case that did not go unnoticed by the British House of Lords. Our correspondent Ryan Truscott has the details.

From our Lagos, Nigeria-based Hausa service, editor Bashir Ibrahim Idriss @bashibrahimi speaks to Africa Calling about the aftermath of the SARS protests.

Correspondent Zubaida Mabuno Ismail @Dereal_ZAMI travels to the Volta region of southeastern Ghana to report on a separatist group that is making itself heard, while Mogadishu-based reporter Mohamed Sheikh Nor @shikha114q talks to Somalis who are going back to playing football in secure spaces in the Somali capital.

World Music Matters' Alison Hird @alisonsarahird makes the music pick this week: the sweet sounds of Hope Masike @HopeMasike, Zimbabwean singer songwriter, whose "Muregere" song  from her 2019 album Exorcism of a Spinster will end your week on a high note.

This episode was mixed by Yann Bourdelas.

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