Ep 12: Mali and Niger killings, Uganda elections and ICC, DRC ex-MP arrest, Kenya's back-to-school woes, Guinea Bissau arrest warrant fallout

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Africa Calling
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Africa Calling podcast looks at some of the week's top stories from the African continent, including reports from the field and analysis with regional experts. This week we’re talking about the controversy surrounding the slaughter of villagers in Mali. We look into why 105 people were killed in Niger, and upcoming Uganda elections. Our DRC correspondent speaks about ex-militia leader Roger Lumbala, and why he was arrested in Paris. We also hear from the Kiswahili service on back-to-school in Kenya, and the fallout after Interpol dropped an arrest warrant in Guinea Bissau.


This week’s podcast features RFI Fulfulde service journalist Minati Diallo, Sahel specialist Niagalé Bagayoko, president of the African Security Sector Network, Kampala correspondent Grainne Harrington, presidential hopeful Bobi Wine and lawyer Bruce Afran, Democratic Republic of Congo correspondent Gabrielle Mitch, RFI Kiswahili service journalist Victor Abuso, and RFI Portuguese Africa service Guinea Bissau correspondent Mussa Baldé speaking to Souleimane Cassama, lawyer for the PAIGC party in Bissau.

Music in this episode is the soulful and uplifting sound of Guinea-Bissau artist Karyna Gomes, singing Mindjer di Balur, as selected by music maven Alison Hird.

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Africa Calling is a podcast from Radio France Internationale. Editor and host: Laura-Angela Bagnetto, recording and editing by Erwan Rome and Cécile Pompeani.



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