Ep23: Sudan - two years after the fall of Bashir, Douala natural hair, and Somalia aviation

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This week, Africa Calling podcast brings you a number of feature reports from our correspondents on the African continent. From Cameroon, we'll take a look at the trend to return to natural hair in Douala. In Somalia, our correspondent looks at the business of taking back the country's aircraft registration. And in Sudan, we'll find out how people feel about the changes made (or not) in the country since the fall of repressive strongman Omar al-Bashir, two years ago this month.


This week’s podcast features Cameroon correspondent Cynthia Ngwenyoh, who speaks to Douala's hair maestro Meforo Isdname, Dr Murielle Ndje Ndje, psychology lecturer at University of Yaoundé 1, Mary Jane Chin Yaya and Yeeh Clifford.

Somalia correspondent Mohamed Sheikh Nur interviews Ahmed Moallim Hassan, director general of the Somalia Civil Aviation authority, Ahmed Khadar, an economist at the University of Somalia, and pilot Yasmin Abdi Farah.

In Khartoum, we spoke to Amjed Fareed, political activist, Azaa Sirkati, elected member of the Revolutionary Committee of Mamoura, Zuheir Saeed, CEO of agricultural and mining Saeed Group, retired editor Mahjoub Mohammed Salih, Osman Mirghani, editor in chief of El Tayar paper, and economists Husamuddine Ismail and Kamel Karar.

Music in this episode is the rich sounds of Samira Dunia, as selected by music maven Alison Hird.

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